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- Neurophone NF3

- 2 transducer sets

- 2 converter velcro

- 1 affirmation CD (German and English to choose from)

- 1 "Audio-In" adapter cable

- 2 shards

- 1 instruction manual in German

Note: Runs on a 9 volt battery which is included. A rechargeable battery is recommended.


Like all of Patrick Flanagan's inventions, such as the Neurophone NF3, this is not a medical device. The use of NF3 is for the sole purpose of enhancing meditation, enhancing learning and listening to music with ultrasound. If you are in any way sensitive to ultrasonic waves, please discontinue use immediately.


The Neurophone NF3 has a 2-year guarantee.


The manufacturer does not offer a return policy. If the NF3 isn't for you, you can easily resell it in the market due to its popularity. In the event of damage, there is a repair option in Germany.

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